**** The Scotsman

**** The Herald


this beautifully concentrated show reveals a real sensitivity to the phases of grief
— Joyce McMillan, Scotsman
This is a beautifully realised construction about loss and healing
— Neil Cooper, Herald
rarely has a prop been so elegantly and arrestingly used
— Elliot Ross, The List
A technical and emotional triumph by a company who successfully use innovative ideas to explore complex issues
— Thom Dibdin, The Stage


Combining new writing, black art illusion, original composition, choreography and digital media Bright Black took audiences on a visceral journey through one woman's tale of love, loss and hope.

Alone in the crumbling shell of a dilapidated flat she once called home, Claire mourns her dead lover. Demons appear and disappear from the depthless black void that quite literally surrounds her. Pictures of her lover fly unaided through the space, demons climb the walls, bin-bags full of memories drop from the sky...and all the while friendship and redemption lie just beyond her reach through a skeletal door she cannot bring herself to open.

We began the creative development of Bright Black nearly three years before the production made it to the stage. Creatively our objective was to fuse illusion and story: for the 'magic' to be an integral part of the story-telling. Black art illusion allowed us to create the depthless black void from which Claire's inner demons could appear and disappear, and to create a gravity-defying environment that showed her world steadily unravelling.

We set out to tell a story that also allowed the space for audiences to find or reflect on their own stories. Alongside the new writing wanted to create a beautiful non-verbal language through original music, choreography and visual storytelling. Composer Michael John McCarthy's score was written alongside the rehearsal process in response to the improvisations and choreography.

Bright Black toured to ten venues across Scotland.




Soundtrack composed by Michael John McCarthy
Choreography by Natasha Gilmour

Claire: Meline Danielewicz
Cerberus: Martin McCormack
Fay: Jenny Hulse

Musician (viola): Kim Moore
Musician (clarinet): Daniel Padden 

Lighting Design: Simon Wilkinson
Video Design: Tim Reid
Sound Design: Graham Sutherland
Production Manager: Fiona Fraser
Stage Manager: Fiona Kennedy
Technical Manager: Kate Bonney
Deputy Stage Manager: Anne Page
Set Design Specialist: Guy Bishop
Wardrobe & Seamstress: Kat Smith
Set Build: Big House Events

Project General Manager: Susannah Armitage
Press Officer: Owen O'Leary
Graphic Design: Gary Birnie